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About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog, Making Over Third Grade with Ms. Ryan! I am currently a third grade teacher and instructional specialist at a Title 1 site in northern California. I started teaching 14 years ago as a second-grade teacher. I taught 2nd for six years and I've been in third grade for the last seven years. I LOVE teaching third graders as they are so "with it"!

In my teaching career, I have taught at 3 schools, I am currently assigned to the school that I started my career at. I had the opportunity to open a new school and I jumped at that chance which is why I originally left the site. Opening a new school was a fun experience, and helped me grow as an educator in ways I don't think I would have, had I remained in my first assignment all along.

I love curriculum and learning, therefore I have been on all of the district material adoption committees for the last 10 years and have enjoyed piloting the materials and helping the district decide which materials would be the best fit for our needs.

I have been the third-grade team leader at my site and served on the executive board of the teachers' union, in addition to my responsibilities as an instructional specialist I sit on a few district/bilateral committees. I enjoy keeping busy!

I love to learn new things and in that vein, I always seem to be taking new courses for something.  I have my master's degree in elementary education, my doctorate in instructional leadership, and my Autism authorization certificate program. I just earned my National Board Certification and am thinking of my next steps in my education.

I am a huge bibliophile but do not get to read as much as I would like due to my very busy schedule!

My mom and I loved to go to Vegas - it was our thing! It all started with a trip she won a contest I entered her in (without telling her).
1st Vegas trip @ Coke store
Last Trip to Vegas with Mom 2009
We moved from Ohio to California when I was 7. Here are some family photos from 2002.
My brothers and parents Christmas 2002
Same Christmas only I'm in this one
Disney World @ Epcot Center Robert, myself, & Christian
I live with my boyfriend, Robert, my 21-year-old stepson, Christian (photo above from 2012), and our diabetic dog, Bailey (photos below).  I love spending time with family and friends and am lucky both are all close by.
Bailey up close!
And here he is doing what he loves best

I am looking forward to sharing ideas, and learning from others through this blog!

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