Making Over Third Grade!: A Link Up for 1:1 Teachers
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Link Up for 1:1 Teachers

Okay, so I have been completely obsessed dedicated to improving my blog recently to the point where recently I am spending every waking minute outside of school some time each day working on it. As a 1:1 teacher I find that the way I approach teaching and the way the class and I interact have completely changed. Out with the old and in with the new seems to be the adage that occured when we became a digital classroom. While my district is at the forefront in our area when it comes to implementing devices in schools we are further along than many but still behind others. As the district continues to add 1:1 classrooms it is becoming more common to have peers to discuss ideas with but often they may be in other grade levels or at other sites. I have found myself learning from, sharing with, and turning to others via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Recently I linked up with Farley's Currently linky party and Tasia over at Great Minds Teach Alike for her brand new and wonderful Tech Talk blog hop.

(I will be posting my link for Tasia's December blog hop soon.) Anyway, with all that is going on for me as a blogger and as a teacher recently I decided I wanted a cute button for my blog that identified me as a 1:1 teacher. I did a Google search for this button thinking that surely someone MUST have created this already. I mean there are blog link ups by grade level, by subjects, by states, by lessons, and by so many other great things. But I just couldn't find a link up for 1:1 teachers. That is when I decided to create one myself.

Making Over Third Grade with Ms. Ryan I'm a 1;1 teacher

(What do you think? Cute, huh?) Of course, I couldn't decide which size I liked best so I made both a large and small size. (You can see the larger one to the right in my sidebar.) I am ambitious and have created a page for the link up (click on the button to grab your own and link your blog) hoping that it will be successful and that it will be a great resource for myself, as well as for others, as we create an online community for 1:1 teachers. Of course, as as I am a relatively new to the blogging world, I also understand that this may flounder for some time or forever, but in any case, I now have my cute button that identifies me as a 1:1 classroom teacher and that was what started today's 3 hour blogging adventure. 

I hope that if you have stopped by and are reading this, that you grab the button and link up your blog to this site if you too are a 1:1 teacher, and if not, please pass the link along to those you know who are! 

Thank you! Here's to hoping that we can make this happen. 

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