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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Currently...Linking Up with Farley

Currently Linky Party! I am now officially official! This month I have been part of a blog hop  and now Farley's Currently Linky party!

Before I started blogging I saw these "Currently" link ups on the blogs I followed and I thought you had to be invited to join them. I have learned A LOT since then AND I found out where these ultra cute "Currently" link ups start. Farley has a great blog you should definitely go check it out if you haven't already!

So one other thing I have learned since starting this blog is that there really is no "right" or "wrong" way of blogging. For a perfectionist with little time that is both good and bad. I have been sitting here for three hours...I am supposed to be doing my lesson plans for the week. Am I? No, of course not! I am watching recorded Rakin/Bass Christmas specials, linking my blog to the I'm a California Blogger page over at:
Fifth in the Middle
Of course, I couldn't just add my blog to her list, I had to go through the ENTIRE list of 140 California blogs that are listed and following quite a few of them on Bloglovin'. Then of course, finding this linky party via several of the CA blogs. So planning? No so much at the moment! 

I can't get enough of the 1989 CD which is funny when you consider my favorite album at the moment happens to also be the favorite of over half of my third graders but you love what you love and there is no way to avoid it. Right now I have the album on repeat along with songs from "Hunger Games" (all three movies!). 

I'm sitting here watching Christmas specials looking at the empty space where my tree should be and wondering how late it will be going up this year. Christmas has always been the BEST part of the year for my family and I. Last year was hard, it was the hardest one ever, as it was the first year without my mom. She ADORED Christmas and made it magical every year. Last year I decorated and it helped to be close to her but this year...I just can't seem to get up to decorating yet. Hopefully soon it will happen. Maybe if Robert brings it in the house I would be forced to put it up. As it is he hasn't seem interested in bringing it in and this year I am not going to be a nag about it. 

Just because I wanted to share though blurry, these are photos of my parents' house at Christmas time. Mom went ALL OUT. Even when I decorate, our house doesn't look anything at all like this: 

I NEED to get my plans done...Shutterfly is coming in on Friday to watch my kids use their Photo Story app for their pilot program. We REALLY need to get our rough drafts for our research reports done and grab more images for our biome books. 
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