Making Over Third Grade!: Motion Math Pilot: Fun Math Games for Learning
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Motion Math Pilot: Fun Math Games for Learning

Last spring when I first got my class iPads I stumbled across Wings! A free multiplication app from Motion Math. They have several games for practicing concepts and those that had free versions quickly found their way to my student iPads. The pilot contains all of the following games (individually some are paid and some have free versions): Wings (as mentioned), Hungry Fish (operations), Fractions! (self-explanatory), Math Zoom (number line/greater than/less than), Match (multi-operations game), and Questimate (given a question students have to use their knowledge about objects, weight and measurement)

Recently I found out they had an educator app so of course I had to look into that! I downloaded it to check it out. It turned out to be a teacher dashboard that allows you to track student progress as they work on the motion math games. The educator app only comes with Wings in the dashboard. You have to purchase the dashboard to have access to data from the other games however, this year they are conducting a FREE PILOT PROGRAM FOR TEACHERS! Yes, you read that right FREE!

I hadn't downloaded the app on the kids iPads right away after I downloaded it on mine and I got an email from Brendan over at Motion Math asking if there was anything I needed help with. Being a busy teacher, I didn't respond and I still hadn't added my kids to the app. After a few more emails from Brendan (he is a very patient guy) to see why I hadn't accessed the student accounts (he wasn't pushy - just asked if there was a problem). I finally did add the Motion Math: Educator app to the kids ipads as I wanted to see how the dashboard worked. I was then approached about joining their pilot for this year. Which I readily agreed to! Anything that gives me an opportunity to access something for my class for free and allows me to have input in the final product is something I just had to jump at! As a pilot teacher you get full access to the games and dashboard you just have to agree to provide feedback [From Motion Math: a 10 minute a week, or longer less frequent meetings, or the occasional written survey, based on what works best logistically for each teacher] to let them know how the app is working for you and your class.

Initially you had to log in with an Edmodo account and then log in to each student iPad with your account information - which I am not going to lie - was a HUGE pain. So of course I had to email them and let them know that teachers don't have the time to log in with the teacher info on each student iPad. Brendan and the Motion Math crew are great at taking feedback and applying it to their product if they believe it will improve their program. Since I have signed up with the pilot they have added Google as a sign-in option and they have added an access code for student sign-ups rather than the teacher signing in on each iPad.
The app has been updated for students to add the access code and I have had to reset my account to see if this allows the students access to all of the games (we had issues due to my signing up for the free account prior to joining the pilot).

I am excited about this pilot and hope that you are too! If you would like more information or to sign up for the pilot for the remainder of the 2014-15 school year please sign up here.

I am not receiving anything from Motion Math for sharing this information, I just thought it was a very cool pilot and that you may be interested in joining as well. You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A 1:1 class to sign up for this pilot. 
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