Making Over Third Grade!: The More You Learn the Less You Know Sometimes...
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The More You Learn the Less You Know Sometimes...

Last weekend I was so happy with my blog and proud of what I had learned that I just kept doing more to improve it. Well I improved it so much it I lost things! 
Yeah, so I have this bad habit of cleaning out files, folders, inboxes, trash, get the picture. Anyway, I was working on my blog and saw all of these pictures in Picasa from my blog and because I have the problem listed a moment ago...I saw all these photos that I no longer needed in my album so of course I deleted them. Well deleting them from the file also DELETED THEM FROM MY BLOG! 
WHAT?!? I was able to go through my computer and phone and was able to salvage and reupload several of the images but all of the photos of my classroom? Of the library makeover? Of the pre-student beauty that is an August classroom? ALL G-O-N-E! Nothing left but captions and large minus signs in place of the photos that I had made sure that I had to document everything. I couldn't believe it! [UPDATE: I found the missing photos in the downloads folder on my computer - i was actually looking for something else and FOUND them! WHEW!]

I will be able to take replacement photos of the painted shelves and table, the baskets, and the comfy furniture but all of the "before" images of the old coffee table before it was painted? They no longer exist where I can find them. Unbelievable! Lesson learned? Well of course! STOP DELETING FILES. Lesson learned a little to late but better late when I can replace photos rather than if I couldn't. 

So the way I found out about the missing images? From the homepage. When I was messing around last week I thought about changing the background and thought I had replaced it. Every time I previewed the page the background was there but then when I went to the live blog it was missing. Investigating that, is how I found about "The Great Photo Calamity" (which is how I will be referring to this incident from now on!). Lesson learned! 

On the upside though, have you noticed the background doesn't move with the main page now? I am so glad! I hated that it moved too as it made it hard to read. 

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