Making Over Third Grade!: And Away We Go!
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

And Away We Go!

January always seems like a very busy month. Between trying to get back into the swing of things after winter break, working on things that need to be completed prior to when progress reports are due, and working on the mad dash to be prepared for the state exams that will be here before we know it, this month always seems to be rushed, harried, and it never fails that I fall sick at this time of the year as well!

So as if to prove my point, this week we are working hard to get our research reports completed in our Shutterfly Photo Story app. We are working on our personal narratives to also add to our books. On top of this we got a new student (who transferred from another class) who is working hard to catch up with us in a few areas. All of this and naturally we have issues with the app we are using for our reports and I forgot to go to the dollar store for the Next Lesson Comic Con materials - now to decide do I want to pay more for the items at Wal-Mart (they are open 24 hours after all) or put off the lesson after I told the kids it would be tomorrow. Well I can't disappoint them, can I? Of course not. So off to Wal-Mart I go! Shh...don't tell anyone as we are not supposed to be shopping there. But I have to do what I have to do to keep the kiddos happy and to keep my word.
Love school catalogs
What I really wanted to do though was curl up with cold meds, hot chocolate, and all of the school catalogs that came in the mail! I just LOVE when these catalogs come! So in the end, I ended up taking two days off (you know it's bad when you are willing to write sub plans!). I spent the first day doing just the things mentioned here and the second one in the doctor's office getting meds and a breathing treatment. Guess it was a bit worse than I originally thought.

Then as if a gift for returning to work on Thursday with inhalers in hand, I was gifted with ALL three of my Donors Choose items. (Pictures to follow next week - I was too off my game to think to take photos!) We got our Time for Kids, four blue Hokki stools, and a class set of earbuds with microphones so that we can create audio presentations without taking turns to go outside and we can hear the text to speak features without disturbing others, or having them know what we may need help with. I am so excited and thankful for wonderful gifts to our classroom!

Do you use Donors Choose? If so, what have you had donated to your class?

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