Making Over Third Grade!: District Teacher of the Year Experience
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

District Teacher of the Year Experience

I was lucky enough, (and honored of course) to be voted as Teacher of the Year for my site. Site ToYs are then able to complete an application packet to be considered for the district ToY.  The application was apparently emailed on a Saturday a week before it was due. Since I was having issues with my email, I didn't get that email (along with 248 others! - and for those that know me that was an anxiety inducing number) until three days before the application packet was due.
So with the support of some great people who were willing to write a reference letter in less than 48 hours, and Robert's understanding; I completed the 11 page application (including 4 essays) in a writing marathon on a Sunday.

I found out on a Wednesday night that they were going to be in to observe on Thursday. Of course, because as every teacher knows, observations are always done when you have fun things planned and we were going on a virtual field trip to Africa that morning. After two rounds of observations (the teachers association and the district office) the wait began. Friday morning I received a fancy card that you had to read half way through to find out that I was not selected. It was a great opportunity and it was nice to know that others thought highly enough of me to support me in this endeavor.

The question remains though, if I am ever given the opportunity to do this again would I? The truth? I just don't know for sure. In any case, it was an awesome experience and I am glad I was part of the process.
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