Making Over Third Grade!: Google Summit, part 1
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Google Summit, part 1

As an early adopter of tech in the classroom and one of the first 1:1 classes at my site I have tried very hard to stay up-to-date on things that can improve the way I teach and the way the kids demonstrate what they know in relation to what we are learning. The 1:1 environment has TOTALLY changed the way I teach and I will NEVER go back to a classroom without tech.

iPads have changed the face of learning in my classroom for the kids as well as for me. In the year that I have been a 1:1 teacher I have ditched nearly all of my old routines and rules. They just don't fit for this new environment that we have created.
Using a variety of apps such as
Google Drive
Google Slides
Google Docs
Shutterfly Photo Story
Popplet is a brainstorming app

among many others, has allowed my students to use their creativity, critical thinking skills, and opinions to inform me, as well as others, what they believe, think, and have learned. It has been an amazing transformation to see. 

As a result of my constant integration of tech ideas in my classroom an Ed Tech teacher in my district suggested that I submit a proposal for a session presentation. I was reluctant to do do so but he convinced me I would have something to offer that would be worthwhile for others to learn from. I received an email last week that I had been accepted as a presenter at the Google Summit at RHS! (Thanks for pushing me Josh!)

I spent 13 hours this weekend solidifying and crafting my presentation for next weekend's (Feb. 21-22) Google Summit. 

This is going to be the first full presentation that I have done in front of adults EVER. To say that I am nervous about it is an understatement but I am working hard to keep the nerves in check. Wish me luck!
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