Making Over Third Grade!: Catching Up!
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Friday, April 3, 2015

Catching Up!

What?!? It's been a month since I last wrote here?! How is that even possible? So much for the resolution to blog at least once a week. Well, the only excuse I have is that life got in the way. And boy did it ever!

I have no idea where to begin to get caught up. I guess I could write several blog posts and then publish them all at once. From famine to feast. But that would require me to actually organize my thoughts and ideas and that may just be asking too much of me while on spring break. I mean, look at me, I
makingoverthirdgrade.blogspot.comshould be relaxing by the beach or shopping for...something...but alas, I am sitting here trying to catch up on the blog (among many other things). So, where to begin? Hmmm...

I presented (for the first time really and yeah, okay it was in the end of February but still...) in front of a group of adults and survived! This was actually such a great (though also nerve-wracking) experience that I will write about it further in another post. (Look, I went from no idea where to begin to now committing to writing another post!) Yes! It's true! A bucket list adventure! I got an email from someone at the district office asking me if I wanted to go to the Teaching & Learning Conference (YES!) in Washington, D.C. (Double YES!). They asked 1 week before I was to be in Washington. I left on a Thursday, arrived in D.C. at 11 pm. Attended the conference (which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!) all day and went sight seeing all night (well until 11 pm - which felt like all night after being in a seminars all day). I even got to see President Obama's motorcade twice! For someone like me who is a total U.S. History nut and who is all about our past - going to D.C. was a dream come true and an adventure I will never forget. I took TONS of photos while I was out and about. See?

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I walked so much during my two nights sight seeing that that combined with the air travel took a toll on my feet which swelled up to ginormous size and took a week to return to normal. Oh well the price was small compared to the reward. 

I came back late Sunday, after flight delays and was dragging all week. It didn't help that we had a field trip that Tuesday and Wed. and Thurs. I was making up conferences after school since not all of my parents were able to make the 1 day I had available the week before since I was not going to be in class for the final two conference days set aside by our calendar.

[I really don't understand why the text is not going past the right margin of the Shutterfly books. It is bugging me!]

Then the weekend came and my car broke down on the freeway of all places. Being without a car for four days (they couldn't figure out why it happened - "Let's hope the next time it doesn't turn back on" they said. Um, yeah, no! Let's hope it doesn't happen again at all!) This along with meetings after school didn't really put me in the blogging kind of mindset. I am sure you understand!

Finally, the weekend was hear and I was prepared to blog about all that was going on in my life and classroom and all I could think to do (other than laundry) was sleep - so there went blogging (again!).

Now that spring break is here I promise to get back on track and to not let a month - an ENTIRE MONTH - go by without blogging again! 

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