Making Over Third Grade!: SLANT boxes
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Saturday, April 4, 2015

SLANT boxes

So as I mentioned in my last post - I am a little behind. Forgive me. Chocolate helps - go get some - I'll wait. Got it? Great! Let's talk SLANT boxes! What are those you are likely wondering (unless you already participate in them); well, let me tell you! SLANT boxes are the creation of Jameson over at Lessons with Coffee.
You sign up at the beginning of the month...oh shoot I need to go to do that for April...and she matches you with another teacher who you likely don't know. You get to know each other via email and social media and at the end of the month you send them a goody box and they send one to you. There is a theme each month though I don't know how good I am at keeping to the theme and there is a min. dollar of about $15 for the package. The idea though is that you are giving the other teacher a boost by surprising him/her with goodies based on what you learned about them. It is really a lot of fun and it is nice to be reminded that you are a good teacher (from those you don't work with) and deserve rewards for just being your awesome self.

In February I was paired up with Brittney (check out her blog at and March I was paired up with Becky over at In February the theme was, "I love teaching" and Brittney sent me some wonderful things! She is great at pen art and made me this framed initial for my classroom. She also sent me iPad/iPhone post-its, Mr. Sketch Movie Night Markers, candy, and many other great things.
Brittney Rae Original just for me
SLANT box contents from Brittney

I sent my SLANT box to Becky a few days ago and will update this blog post once I receive my box.

I LOVE shopping for the SLANT boxes for others and writing them letters of moral support to help them through those "hard days." While I think I did a good job keeping up with February's theme I don't think I did that great of a job on March's theme in hindsight. Here is to hoping that Becky likes her box! :)

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