Making Over Third Grade!: Washington, D.C. and Class Project
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Monday, April 6, 2015

Washington, D.C. and Class Project

As I wrote in an earlier post that I had the chance to go to Washington, D.C. when I got back I created a virtual tour of my trip using Google's new Tour Builder. I showed this to the kids on my return. They had so many questions (as I knew they would). I found a website that has a list of virtual field trips of national sites. I had the kids work in small groups of 3 - 4 to select two virtual field trips - one of a site I had visited and one of a site I didn't visit. They were then to create a 1 - 2 minute presentation to teach the class what they had learned. While I had envisioned this being a one week project quickly became a 2 week project - partly because we had a field trip in the middle of it all. They left for spring break with most of them asking to continue work on it over break rather than turn it in. They claimed they wanted it to be perfect. How could I deny them an extension when they are working so hard?

Some students make Keynotes and are adding them to iMovie, some made iMovies with cue cards and took turns directing, others used Buddy Poke, and a few others decided to write reports. I love that they took charge of this project, that they were able to designate roles to each other, and work it all out. I am so proud of how my class has learned to work together and to create multiple modalities to show me what they have learned. I will post examples as soon as I have something turned in that doesn't have student faces.

Simultaneously they were working on a "What I Learned" 1 minute project of what they learned on our field trip to Ag Day. This was the first (and likely only) field trip of third grade. It is a big deal! The Ag Day project had to be 1 min. if it was a video or they had to create a slide show or book in Book Creator that had at least 10 images (they took their iPads on the field trip and we added all of our photos to a shared Google Drive folder). This assignment was less formal than the Washington project as I just wanted to see what they thought was the most important part of the field trip.

Here is just one sample of what they have turned in so far:

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