Making Over Third Grade!: What?! I Haven't Blogged in OVER a Month?!?
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Monday, May 25, 2015

What?! I Haven't Blogged in OVER a Month?!?

I had no idea that it had been over a month since I last blogged. I knew I wasn't doing the whole, "blog several times a week" thing but over a month?! For someone who promised herself that this would be a record of what is going on in my classroom that isn't a good track record.
 We were preparing for, then taking THE test. You know the makes kids cry and grown teachers drink cry too.

As an iPad class the kids were able to sit anywhere they wished as we had done that throughout the year with our work which helped as there wasn't too much off task (okay there was THE one kid on day one, but other than than I swear we were all on task) behavior and we were able to finish the tests in (almost) the time allotted to us. You know kids, some tests were way shorter than they should have been, and some were way longer. In any case, we survived. Whew! I am glad about that!
Now comes the time to start wrapping up the year and saying goodbye. It is always so hard for me to do say goodbye to my kids...they are MY kids for the time that they are assigned to me. Each year they take a piece of my heart with them. This class is going to be harder than most because it was THAT class. The class that teachers always dream of. The one where they all get along (for the most part), they are capable of doing the work assigned and they push you to go out and try new things, they hardly need any rules, and they make you challenge yourself to become a better teacher. Yeah, them...I am going to miss them. In all my years of teaching (11) I have only had 1 other class that has been this amazing. Maybe it was the tech in the room, maybe it was that I gave them more freedom than they had previously, or that I normally would give a class, maybe it was just them, maybe it was just us together. Whatever it was, it was

So here I am 8 days away from saying goodbye. Already planning for next year. (I can't be the only one who does that!) I'm redoing/changing walls, laminating name tags (when a student saw them he was OUTRAGED that they cost $7, ,"You can go to the Dollar Store and get cute ones with lots of color, for A DOLLAR!"), and planning lessons for the start of the year. Yes, I am excited to meet them and see what the coming year will bring but, yet...well this time of the school year is always bittersweet for me and I will just have to let the tears flow when I feel them coming, and trust that the kids know I am happy for them as they move to fourth grade, just as I am sad that it is time to say goodbye.
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