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Monday, September 7, 2015

Clarity Innovations: Not Just for iPads Anymore

Having 1:1 devices in my classroom I have decided I will NEVER go back to teaching without technology in my classroom. There are so many things available on their iPads that assist us with the learning process, that bring the classroom to their homes, and that allows them to use resources independently that are available at their finger tips.

For example, Clarity Innovations has several apps that are virtual math manipulatives (Geoboard; Number Pieces; Number Pieces Basic; Number Line; Number Rack; Number Frames; Pattern Shapes; and Math Vocabulary).

I LOVE these apps. We use Number Pieces, Number Line, and Number Frames all year as part of our math work. I love Pattern Shapes and Geoboard for working with geometry and fractions. There are so many uses for these apps and there is no clean up afterwards which makes them so teacher friendly!

We use the apps to create and solve problems and then we take screen shots of our work to add to our work in another app such as Educreations or Explain Everything. There are so many uses for these apps but until recently they were only available for those who had mobile devices. I was looking for math addons for some of my teammates (of the 5 of us 2 have iPads 1:1 and the other 3 have Chromebooks). That is when I stumbled upon the best thing I have seen recently for Chromebooks: Clarity Innovations now has the same apps for Chromebooks!

Think of the possibilities that can be done on the Chromebooks! I can't wait to see how my teammates use these Chrome Apps in their classes! 

Do you have iPads or Chromebooks in your classroom? How will you use these apps with your students? 

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