Making Over Third Grade!: Literably Easy Fluency Data Collection
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Monday, May 30, 2016

Literably Easy Fluency Data Collection

At my site we have a 6 minute fluency drill that we are expected to do each day. Students complete a
cold read (not scored but timed) and a hot read (scored and timed) with their partner each day. They graph their progress and each week they start with a new passage. The program is designed with the idea that teachers will also pull students each week to record their fluency and make changes in their passage levels as needed. As every teacher knows though, sometimes there isn't enough time in the week to get everything done. Even when there is enough time, sometimes the kids will not read for the teacher as well as they do for their peers. That is where Literably comes in. (I am not being compensated for this blog post - I just love this program.)

I love Literably for several reasons. The passages students read are leveled to match their reading levels. Students can listen back to their recording before they submit them. There are several comprehension questions at the end of each passage to determine if the students really understood what they read. Each recording is scored by a human being and the results are sent to me the next day. The staff at Literably will also adjust the reading passages as needed so that students are always being challenged but they will send you notification that this change is occurring and you have the opportunity to change this or not. you can allow pictures to accompany the reading passages for levels A- P (the passages are leveled using Fountas & Pinnell). The teacher can determine if students can read the entire passage or read for just 1 minute. The passages are scored only for 1 minute regardless, but I like the opportunity that I can limit students or not.

This data comes in very handy at RtI meetings and for student placement for fluency practice. The data collected from student recordings can be shared with others via a secret link that the teacher can enable in order to share with parents, other teachers, or administration. While I have not shared data in this manner I love the fact that I can.

The folks at Literably have recently changed the way they price their program based on how many times a month you assess your students and on how many students you are assessing. You can use the program for free 10 times (10 recordings) per month. They have classroom, site, and district pricing options.

 Literably used to only be an iPad app but now it is possible to use it on Chromebooks and on laptops that use the Chrome or Firefox browsers. It is worth checking out!
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