Making Over Third Grade!: New Adventures Ahead!
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Adventures Ahead!

Well it has started! I was hired as an instructional specialist for third grade. This job means that I will have a partner to share teaching and coaching duties with. I am lucky in that I was able to be hired with a teacher that I am already friends with. We have spent the summer texting and emailing ideas as well working on lesson plans. I have moved from nervous to excited about this new adventure. (Though I will admit that I still have moments of panic due to the changes that are headed my way.)

To solidify our new partnership and work on creating a cohesive and manageable work flow we have created a new website. This website, will be used for all classroom communications as well as to record our thoughts about our year. Please join us by following the new website! (I will still be posting here - I am not giving up my blog - particularly after all the work I did to update it!)

I look forward to sharing the new adventures to come with all of you here and at

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