Making Over Third Grade!: Take the Good and Leave the Bad
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Take the Good and Leave the Bad

Some days you need a reminder to, in the words of Gloria Loring (singer of the Facts of Life theme song) "take the good and leave the bad" and remember that the "facts of life are all about you." After the last two days, I have taken this to heart. It is a conscious choice to focus on the negative or to focus on the positive.  I choose to focus on the positive.

There are a lot of changes happening at my school at the moment and there are a lot of unhappy and scared teachers. They are all going to be 1:1 with devices in the next few weeks and they do not necessarily want the devices or to be 1:1. This is a whole new world - one they are not sure they want to explore let alone live on.

It is hard for me to watch this. As a teacher who has had 1:1 devices for three years I can see all of the benefits of adding the technology and yet, I can also see how these changes can be something to be apprehensive about. I don't quite know how to help since they are not seeking my advice, and because when I try to offer it I am often shot down with a negative response.

I am hopeful however, that once they have had the devices for several weeks that they too will see the positives and opt to "take the good and leave the bad." It can only help them make these changes with a more positive outlook.

I know how hard teaching can be. I know that change is not easy. I know that sometimes our kids are rough and tumble (they are kids!). Yet, I also know that despite this, change can be good.

I have had students (just this week) get into fights, be defiant, and pout. I can opt to focus on these things (and the fact that I dumped my lunch on me today, had difficult interactions with an adult, or that I didn't teach some lesson well, or that...well...a million other "or thats"). Instead I chose to "take the good and leave the bad." It is the only way to come to school each day with a positive outlook and attitude and everyone deserves that. Don't you think?

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