Making Over Third Grade!: It's January Already!
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Monday, January 2, 2017

It's January Already!

It is the new year, a new adventure, and all the promise that a new year brings. I have a list of resolutions that I make each year and each year I watch them go down in flames. This year I am not making any resolutions but rather making changes in my attitude about the things I want to change. Things like blogging more. I say I am going to do, I promise to do it, then, well...I don't do it. I love sharing my ideas and the things (good and bad) that are going on in my classroom with others. I love the reflection that blogging provides for me and that is why this is now going to become part of my weekly lesson plan routine. I am hoping to blog at least once a week so that you will not forget I am here but also not so much that you become sick of hearing from me. :)

This week promises to be a difficult one as I will only be in class on Tuesday and then Maria and I are out for 2 days for training and then we are off to Monterey for a California League of Schools Tech Conference where we will be presenting! I am both nervous and excited about this. I hate getting up in front of a room full of adults to speak but according to Maria I find my groove and then run with it. LOL I promise to blog about the sessions we will be discussing while at the conference. Who knows, maybe we will even see some of you there!

What are your plans for your first week back?

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