Making Over Third Grade!: Lucky Me (Again) & Oriental Trading
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lucky Me (Again) & Oriental Trading

As a teacher at a Title 1 site, I know what it means to not have a lot of money for art supplies and other fun items for the kids. The arts are just as important as the core subjects and they just make the kids beam so I am always willing to shell out money for these supplies. This year I have been so lucky to have been asked to participate in the Oriental Trading Ambassador Club. I don't know how I got so lucky but as a member, I have been gifted with items for my class.

Valentine's Day is usually a big deal for our kids. Most students are gift givers to their teachers (this is huge for them - it is like a candy Christmas). So I usually make sure that they have a party for the holiday that is a bit bigger than our Christmas party and it is not unusual to spend quite a bit on this. On the heels of Christmas and all the family birthdays between November and March, it is not the best time to spend a ton of money on my class but nonetheless, I always do.

This year will be a big year for us and for Snoopy! I have always loved Snoopy but my mom was an even bigger fan. After her passing three years ago I somehow became an even bigger fan. I think in some ways it makes me feel close to her still like she is still with me. So when Eureka came out with Peanuts school decor well it just HAD to find its way into my classroom. Naturally, this means that it is also the kids now love. Oriental Trading has a lot of Peanuts items - especially for the holidays, and Valentine's Day is no exception. No, I mean really, a ton! They have a whole page just devoted to the links to all of their Peanuts items.

This year my students will be bombarded with Peanuts items for Valentine's Day. First, they are getting these super cute foam stickers. There are so many (300!!) that I am keeping 1/2 of them for the beginning of next year for students to use to decorate their iPad cases in August. I mean seriously, they are cute!!

They are also getting Snoopy pencils and erasers. Even though we have iPad in our class and most of our work is done digitally we still do quite a bit with pencils and my students LOVE specialty pencils. These pencils and erasers are sure to be a hit.

I am going to go a bit overboard here - one more Snoopy item...students are also going to receive the Peanuts temporary tattoos. They are so cute I just couldn't help myself. I mean really, how could I not get them Snoopy images to wear?! 
So I didn't go completely crazy with the Peanuts theme (though I could have!). Students are also going to have these plain white favor boxes to decorate and use to collect and take home all of their cards and other goodies. I love that it is sturdy enough to carry their cards, and any leftover cookies and the like.  

Finally, I just couldn't resist these magic color scratch hearts. I love watching the students use their self-expression through their art. These magic color scratch hearts are the perfect quick art project for our end of the day activities. Don't you think so? 

What do you do for Valentine's Day? Big, small, or no party at all? Please let me know in the comments below. 

In full disclosure, I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. 

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