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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Education Podcasts to Follow

A few years ago I saw a lot about Serial on Instagram. I started listening to the podcast and I became addicted to podcasts of all types. I know there is a long list of educational podcasts out there that are available. I recently found two new education podcasts and thought I would share them you in case you haven't heard of them before.
The first podcast is called The EdTech Takeout. I found out about this podcast via another I will share in just a moment. EdTech Takeout focuses on EdTech but in a casual, this is cool, kind of way. It is irreverent and fun to listen to. Jonathan's Scottish accent is a plus in making the time fly as you listen to him and Mindy. They talk to their listeners as if they are talking to co-workers at their site. Many of the tech items that they mentioned in the first few episodes I was already familiar with but there were much more that were new to me as well. I particularly love their "nuggets" at the end of the podcast where they present several quick tech hints and new ideas.
The EdTech Take Out led me to another new podcast Instructional Coaching Corner. This podcast is hosted by Greg and Jenny. Both are instructional coaches in their district and they are sharing many of the cool things they are doing at their sites as well as sound instructional practices and coaching techniques. Greg is the comic relief to this duo and often uses self-deprecating humor as they share the different ideas. Greg and Jenny have recorded several quick casts that are less than 5 minutes in length. These are always uplifting or have a positive message about being uplifted, or how to be uplifting, in school.

makingoverthirdgrade.blogspot.comThe (bonus) podcast that started this all for me was Check This Out with Ryan and Brian. Ryan and Brian are both EdTech teachers in Northern CA and I got to know them through Twitter and a Voxer group that I belong to. Their podcast has been on my list to listen to for some time but all of the education podcasts took a backseat to all of the others on my list. I love that they introduce new tech ideas, programs, and sites, as well as introduce you to others who are important in tech education. They are funny and keep their podcasts upbeat and quick paced so that the hour goes by before you even know it.

I hope that you check out these podcasts and let me know what you think of them. If there is a must listen to education podcast that you listen to please share it in the comments.

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