Making Over Third Grade!: The Pain of Procrastination
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Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Pain of Procrastination

I am sitting here at 1:20 AM with a headache and beating myself up for procrastinating once again. I signed up for the third and fourth components of my National Boards in November. I have known about them for months. I know they are due in May. Midnight on May 17th to be exact. So, when did I start working on mine papers? Well in April naturally. I don't know why I do this to myself, particularly when there are so many other deadlines that I need to meet at this time of year. I keep blaming it on the new position and all of the extra work that it has created for me. And in part that is true. But truth be told, for some reason I have always thrived when under a ton of pressure and stress about deadlines. The yearbook was due, my bible study needed to be done. I had some family obligations to take care of. In any case, they were put off until they couldn't be put off any longer. So here I sit, at 1:25 now having spent most of the day working on one of my papers. Gathering and organizing the data and knowing that I have less than 2 weeks to get 2 some 20-odd pages papers done. I am looking at having to take a day or two off to get them done. I haven't even started the paper for component 3 and I still have 20 pages to write for the other. So I will crawl out of my hole in the wall on the 18th having withstood headaches, stress, sore hands and numb fingertips. If I am able to finish on time, it will all have been worth it. So, I'm off... see you sometime on the 18th!
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