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Sunday, October 15, 2017

More Than a Hashtag: Teachers Helping Teachers

In recent weeks there have been two terrible hurricanes and now the awful fires that consume the airwaves. I always feel for the people affected and feel like what I do isn't enough. So when Harvey hit I started a hashtag #teachershelpingHouston and tried to get classroom decor and books for the teachers that were affected. The teacher who said she would get me a school address never got back
to me but a teacher at my site knew someone at a Texas school and her husband took what we had collected with him to the school her friend worked at.

We collected another box (it is sitting in our classroom) and it is earmarked for Texas but now with these fires so close to home. (I mean really close, I live in Fairfield.) I want to collect things to help local teachers get back on their feet as they prepare to open their classrooms as they rebuild or weed out things that have been ruined by smoke.

This doesn't mean that those in Texas, Florida, or Puerto Rico don't also need our help. (Though in
P, R. they are far from ready to start thinking about school yet.) There has to be a way for teachers to band together to help each other during these difficult times.

If you are at a school that needs help, or if you can provide help please add your information to the comments below. Together we can help others get their classrooms up and running again. Teachers Helping Teachers - a force to be reckoned with.

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