Making Over Third Grade!: Do Unicorns Exist? New Things From CTP!
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Monday, April 2, 2018

Do Unicorns Exist? New Things From CTP!

Oh my goodness! I wrote this in January and thought it posted. I was cleaning out drafts and found it there!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post but all opinions of products are my own.

Do unicorns exist? They asked me when I pulled out the new stickers from Creative Teaching Press. Then of course I heard that they were "girl" stickers until one boy said he wanted the blue one - then all the boys wanted these awesome stickers too! They are awesome and big but sadly there just were not enough in the pack to satisfy the kids so they are in my shopping basket for the spring, Of course, they loved the other stickers that were sent to us.
In addition to the stickers we received two different styles of bookmarks, They were nuts about the emoji bookmarks and I just had to write their names on the backs of them so that they could keep track of where their bookmarks may be. We're saving the motivational quote bookmarks for test prep which begins in April. It will be here before we know it and sadly before we are ready for it.

We got a pom pom border which I will admit that I was unsure of when we took it out of the box but then when I saw it on the wall that Maria completed I LOVED it! I will have to add photos of the bulletin board so that you can see how awesome it is!

Our third-grade team conducts a STEM rotation the first Wednesday of each month. Maria and I have shared a little about this on our class blog Spot On In Third I will have to add a post here about this as well. Anyway, I have an issue with shopping for school supplies at the start of the school year so I have A TON of awards and I have been giving them to the kids who have the best STEM project or time for our activities. These STEM awards were a nice addition to our collection and I love to give them to the kids on these STEM Wednesdays.

We gave away the punch cards and tickets to teachers who use bathroom tickets. The 100-day banner was given to a first-grade teacher who we are sure will get a lot of use out of it. There was a Llama Valentine's Day bulletin board set which we also gifted to another teacher. It is super cute but just doesn't go with our Peanuts & Country Cute theme.

What are your favorite items to use to decorate your classroom with or to give to students? I would love it if you shared your ideas in the comments below.

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